Partner with Us

We, at Gladia, strives to provide all web related solutions and also in the verge of making our PAN India presence. To achieve this, we solicit Partners, who can refer their clients to us for their Web Design, Development and ultimate launch of the same. We identify two categories of such Partners :

Option 1 - Business Development Agents (BDAs)

In this route, our Partners will introduce clients through their network or the clients may contact us directly by giving Partner referrals. We will take care of all requirements of such clients like, Web Design, Layout, Content Management, Graphics, Video Add-ons, Social Media Arena, Facebook platform, e-commerce, etc. We will also provide timely up-gradation in accordance with the requirement of such clients. Partner should have atleast one confirmed client before entering any Partnership deal. Once the Partner accepts the deal, he will give an undertaking that he will refer all his clients to Gladia Systems and will not refer clients to any other web design company. Both Gladia and the Partner maintain trust among themselves which is the essence of this Partnership and is the only way to build a solid relationship. Through this route, we will provide a compensation to the Partners to the tune of 12% - 15% of the total agreement value. This proportion of compensation may vary depending upon the volume of business.

Option 2 - Readymade Web Design Package :

Here, we develop web platforms incorporating all parameters that are essential for a smooth working of a web site. We create different website for different nature of business. We will hand over multiple copies of such web creations to our Partners with a fixed price per site. Partners can sell these web sites under their brand and we will not claim ownership. This web site will not carry any name or will not have a copyright constraint. Partners will further sell the same to their clients at a price decided by the Partners and Gladia will not interfere in the pricing. Gladia will not interact with the clients in respect of its commercial aspects but interact with the clients only for the purpose of understanding the technical details. Such deliberations will be held in the presence or under the knowledge of Partners. There will be a helpline tag in the Contact section so as to provide technical support to the clients like ; "Call Mr.Devadas P on +91 9539655553". . If an individual Partner sell more than 3 websites, Gladia will provide further discount.

Call Mr.Devadas P on +91 9539655553 to discuss this options now.
Or Please Contact feel free to for the Same anytime, and you will hear from us in less then 24 hours.